Where's the book gone?

After September 12th, It Only Happens in Stories will no longer be available.


That's because it will be taking a short holiday - and when it returns it will be bigger and better! Instead of being an extended short story, it will be a full length book.


It will also have a brand new title, and will be called Living the Dream.


When It Only Happens in Stories was published in December 2012, I was bowled over by the positive response from readers who not only liked it, but took the time and trouble to get in touch and tell me that they wanted to read more about Clare and Dizzy.

I'd been wondering myself about what happened next to them. And so I thought that maybe I'd better do something about it ... and Living the Dream was born ...

What will it be about?

The basic plot for It Only Happens in Stories is that girl groom Clare is given the chance of competing on Dizzy, the star horse in the yard. She can't quite believe her luck when it happens, because it's not just any old horse show that she is going to ride the promising young horse at. Oh no, this is the big time: she'll be riding at Olympia, one of the most prestigious events in the showjumping calendar.


It all seems too good to be true - surely it's the sort of thing that only happens in stories?


Clare is about to find out as she embarks on the life-changing ride of a lifetime ...


Living the Dream will include the story so far, but then take it forward, covering the year which follows Clare's debut at Olympia.


No, I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you what happens - only that Clare will have a few tough decisions to make, lots to learn both about horses and herself, and that there will be more than a few trials and tribulations lying ahead of her.


When will Living the Dream be out?

As soon as I can finish writing it! I'm working hard on it at the moment - keep revisiting this website and I'll keep you updated on progress: and maybe you can help me choose a cover for it too. There's also a Facebook page for It Only Happens In Stories where I'll be posting regular updates on progress.


Update: December 2015

Apologies all round. Lots of things have been happening - and I'm a weeny bit behind. What was originally going to be one book has galloped off with me and become two - and I'd like to get as much of the second book written as possible before publishing the first one, so that all the plotlines don't become tangled up in each other! 

In the meantime, you might like to read this - a book of short stories, each of which has a related feature with ideas for projects such as making your own lucky horseshoe charm, suggestions as to ways you can improve your riding and much, much more ... It is available both as an ebook and in paperback format: you can find out more about it and read an excerpt over at Amazon!

"This is an awesome book for children and adults if you love horses." (Amazon review by I love horses)